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  Historical Background  

During the pre – independence era, Colleges and Schools were founded, managed  and sponsored by Churches. Missionaries used them as centers of evangelization, institutions for training future leaders and teachers as well. These institutions were well spread out all over the Country and  they belonged to a particular Church which was concerned with specific teachings or doctrines of the same. Among them in Western part of Kenya were Kaimosi for the Friends’ Church,  Kamagambo for the S.D.A church,  Kima for Church of God, and Siriba or Maseno for the Anglican Church. The Catholic Church had her own centers such as Kibabii,  Mumias, St. Joseph’s Kitale and St. Mary’s Mukumu.

St. Augustine’s Eregi Teachers’ Training was founded in 1949 by the Catholic Church under the leadership of the Mill Hill Fathers to train ( P4) teachers. It was built to specifically train Male teachers because female teachers were well catered for at St. Mary’s Mukumu. By then all Catholic institutions and Parishes were under the jurisdiction of Kisumu Diocese.

In 1955, the College started training T3 (P3) and T2 (P2) teachers.

In 1960, the first batch of T1 (P1) teacher trainees was admitted.

This system of training went on until Kenya attained  its independence in 1963. Exactly one year after independence, there was the First Education Commission chaired by Professor Ominde. The Ominde report made the following recommendations with regard to Church managed Colleges and Schools:

  • All Schools and Colleges would be public  property and be managed by the government. Churches would remain as  sponsors in institutions they founded.
  • All Schools and colleges were to be opened to all students and pupils  by admitting them irrespective of their faith inclination.
  • All teachers were to go and teach in any School and College without discrimination basing on faith or denomination.
  • Church Sponsors were to allowed to maintain their tradition and ethos in the Schools and  Colleges  they founded.

The above recommendations changed Churches’ approach to training of teachers and future leaders.

In 1966, St. Mary’s centre for training female teachers at Mukumu closed and all the female trainees were transferred to Eregi TTC to join their male counters -  parts. They were accompanied by their teachers, Sr. Karoli ( Principal), Sr. Ancillar Kupalo, (Sister of Mary), Snorran,  Ludigat (volunteers) and Sr. Camilla ( of Notre Dame).
In 1967, Eregi Teachers Training  became co – educational upon absorbing St. Mary’s Mukumu, Kibabii, Mumias  and  St. Joseph’s Kitale Teachers’ training Colleges.

As changes were taking place in Education, the Mill Hill Fathers were overwhelmed by the work. They requested Xavierian brothers to carry on with the Educational administration of the College as they continued with other pastoral duties.

The Xavierian brothers from the United States of America took over and teamed up with the Notre Dame Sisters. They did a splendid work by training young men and women to be competent teachers. They introduced a new approach to Education which challenged the one of the Mill Hill Fathers. This was actually an American view of Education. The unique features in their system of Education were:

  • To create a conducive,democratic and  friendly environment for learning.
  • To enhance a good working relationship between teachers and trainees.
  • To encourage trainees to use relevant methods and approaches in teaching, with emphasis on pragmatic  and project methods of teaching.
  • To encourage trainees to be thorough in preparing quality teaching aids.
  • To encourage trainees to use teaching/ learning activities competently.
  • Equip trainees with knowledge, skills,and attitudes expected in the profession.
  • Lay emphasis that Education was to enable one to live well in the Society.

Acreage and Location of Eregi TTC
The College is situated seven Kilometers to the west of Chavakali trading centre ( Vihiga District) off the main Kisumu  - Kakamega road on Chavakali – Bushiangala road. It lies in Shisejeli Sub – Location, Eregi Location, lkolomani Division of Kakamega South District in western Province. At inception, the College stood on a three acre piece of land. Through gradual expansion, it now occupies a 50 acre space.

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